Guess the Fence: A Creative Board Game

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Protect your farm from all kinds of harm! You’ve decided to add fences to your large farm. Anything to keep the nosy neighbours away, right? But shhh, you have to build them secretly! Whoever guesses the fences made by the other farmer, wins. Think smart, guess patiently and fence away! 

Guess The Fence is a guess-and-write game that will help burgeon your visual reasoning and creativity. It’s perfect for families to have a great time but also introduce kids to an innovative learning experience. 

Enjoy with them as they apply their knowledge of geometry to make shapes with fences and develop essential skills that go beyond academics. See their creativity and imagination soar right before your eyes! 

This is a simple but highly engaging educational game. Your entire family will simply not have enough of this brainy guessing game!


  • 2 Farm Boards 
  • 2 Red Markers 
  • 2 Green Markers 
  • 1 Separator Tent 
  • 2 Wipe Cloths 
  • 2 Write & Wipe Marking Sheets 
  • 24 Point Tokens 
  • 28 Fence Shapes (Red + Blue)

Game Trailer

How to Play

Key Highlights:

  • Guess and Write Board Game
  • All-round Skill Development
  • Play and Learn with Family or Friends
  • Reduce Screen Time and Enjoy!
  • 100% Made in India
  • Learning through Play - Use this Write and Guess Board Game to Learn Geometry, Shapes and Patterns. It's a great tool to get kids to enjoy learning math and for the entire family to be part of their learning journey
  • Develop Multiple Skills - In addition to academic knowledge, kids acquire essential life skills like problem solving, communication and visual reasoning. They also obtain moral values like honesty and fair play.
  • Popular at home or in school - Guess the Fence is just as effective in the classroom to develop creative thinking and peer learning as it is with the family to reduce screen time and improve social interactions.
  • Designed for Engagement - Easy to learn with a kid friendly rulebook and a game tutorial video. Animal farm boards and tangible shapes raise interest and promote interactivity.
  • Intuitive, Inclusive and Re-playable - The game has unlimited outcomes for an enhanced experience every time. It is ideal for all kinds of learners and intelligences.

Academic Skills: 

  • Geometry
  • Patterns

Life Skills:

  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Visual Reasoning 
  • Problem Solving
  • Taking Calculated Risks
  • Communication
  • Data Interpretation & Planning 
  • Motor Skills

Moral Values: 

  • Patience
  • Honesty
  • Fairplay

Why Everyone Loves Luma

I really liked the Luma concept very much. Samir, my younger son and me played Guess the Fence game many times, and just did not want to stop. He learned about 2D shapes and its properties really quickly through the game, books and flashcards. My son loved the magic lens and it really made solving word problems on the flashcards really fun. As a whole, It’s a great way of learning.

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Tony Carter

Father of an 9 year old

I’d like to thank the team at Luma World for developing such an interesting game that helps in teaching children some basic concepts without having any ‘study time’ tag attached to it. I purchased “guessing the fence game” and while playing I realised that in such an easy going way my child is applying logic and working out so many permutations and combinations. There are other really useful aids provided but my daughter just loved the math flash cards with the answer reader. That tool just caught her attention and we have been carrying the flash card set around to play with when in the car. My daughter says, “I liked the game a lot. I had fun playing it with my mom and it made me think a lot.” The quality of the game is very good and it’s worth every penny.

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Skylar Campbell

Mother of an 8 year old

In Guess The Fence you have to make shapes and guess your opponent's shapes. This game helped my kid to visualise shapes in an easier and fun way. The game challenges to think out of the box. Maths can be best understood through activities and application. So, this is a best way to practice math concepts. Luma world is the new way to learn maths!

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Charlotte Brooks

Mother of an 8 year old
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Guess the Fence: A Creative Board Game
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