Terra Loop: An Adventure Board Game

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There’s an epic quest for all great explorers! It’s a race to find amazing ancient artefacts. You have to travel across the world collecting priceless ancient currency - the TOLAR. Beware of your opponents, they’re looking to steal all your wealth! This is a treasure hunt of the greatest scale! 

Terra Loop takes your entire family on an adventure like never before. Your kids will never look at learning the same way after this magical educational experience. Enjoy with them as they traverse through various lands collecting a precious ancient currency. See them master operations with numbers and money right before your eyes! 

Go beyond academics and help them gain essential life skills and moral values through an engaging game.


  • 1 Adventure Game Board 
  • 2 Number Dice 
  • 4 Robot Pegs 
  • 63 Tolar Tokens (Fantasy Currency)
  • 4 Player Console Mats

Game Trailer:

How to Play:

Key Highlights:

  • Fantasy Board Game for Learning Number Operations
  • All-round Skill Development
  • Understand the Importance of Saving Money
  • Play and Learn with Family or Friends
  • Reduce screen time and improve application
  • 100% Made in India!
  • Learning through Play - Use this Board Game to Introduce Operations with Numbers and Money Concepts. It's a great tool to get kids to enjoy math and for the entire family to be part of their learning journey.
  • Develop Multiple Skills - In addition to academic knowledge, kids acquire essential life skills like decision making, communication and logical reasoning. They also obtain moral values like respect and empathy.
  • Popular at home or in school - Terra Loop is just as effective in the classroom to develop cognitive ability and peer learning as it is with the family to reduce screen time and improve social interactions.
  • Designed for Engagement - Easy to learn with a kid friendly rulebook and a game tutorial video. Theme worlds and fantasy currency (Tolar) raise interest and promote interactivity.
  • Intuitive, Inclusive and Re-playable - The game has unlimited outcomes for an enhanced experience every time. It is ideal for all kinds of learners and intelligences. 

Academic Skills: 

  • 4-digit Numbers 
  • Operations with numbers
  • Mental Maths 

Life Skills: 

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Communication 
  • Decision Making 
  • Creativity 

Moral Values: 

  • Respect for Opponents 
  • Empathy

Why Everyone Loves Luma

Terraloop, what an interesting and engaging game! It helped my child understand the value of saving money. That is a good concept to teach a child at that age. She didn't realize she was doing the basic calculations smoothly. She had a lot of fun playing the game. Kudos to Luma World for this thoughtful product. I would wholeheartedly recommend this product!

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Emily White

Mother of an 8 year old

My wife and I find it really tough to get our children off the iPad or phone. We even had to impose strict rules like no tech on the dinner table. With Luma, our kids not only enjoy every bit of playtime but also help each other with strategies and ideas. It's great to see everyone in the family getting involved and communicating. As my wife says, truly a wonder in the 21st century!

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Macy Clark

Mother of an 8 year old

As a parent of a special needs child, finding resources that engage him or even tend to his learning pace and choices is very tough. I also find it very tough to interact and provide remedy simply because I don't know where to begin or what is going wrong. The Luma box helps me work with him at every step of the way to ensure he understands maths and doesn't fear it. Apart from that I find that his communication and creativity are at a new high too. I highly recommend!

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Olivia Scott

Mother of a 10 year old
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Terra Loop: An Adventure Board Game
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